your product in our process

At m+mi works some of our clients ask us to join them all the way: from the inception of an idea to the delivery of a flourishing product. Others need to use just a part of our process. This depends entirely on what our clients require.

the process from question to solution

What doesn’t change is the order of our process itself. It has been formulated through experience and is all about ensuring that you ship a product that delivers exactly the value that your users need.

our process

The product phase
builds a foundation for the whole project. We start by making your product vision the basis of everything. Then we connect this to the functionality and your users’ activities. Based on all this we perform an expert evaluation of all existing plans, software and material.
The design stage
is where solution creation starts. All the work in the product phase leads to a solutions model. It provides both the first breakthroughs for the interaction design and structures all further work. The detailed design work iterates over the whole project, solving interaction issues down to the required detail.
Implementation and beyond
the follow‐through phase of the project, in close collaboration with developers. We adapt the design and keep it intact, during the bumpy road to shipment.