megaphone yelling

This is me, at the moment—

  • I have joined a startup! Whaddaya mean whatahell am I still doing in software? A friend and longtime collaborator asked me, and his heart is in a good place; that’s why.
  • Now working on a second recording studio audio brand, 51dB audio. This one is prêt‐à‐porter, sold & built in small series. Product formulation, design, parts and supplier selection, prototyping.
  • More on the back burner: product development and circuit design for tarragona audio. I am using all my knowledge on product making, design, electronics, creative work practices, web development… And still there are many more things to learn.
  • After having gone back to 35mm film and rangefinder, I am happy to be photographing on a ‘weekly’ basis. Output has started emerging from the selection, scan, image manipulation, print & share workflow.
  • More into meeting a few really interesting people than lots of people.
  • My studio is in a shop & cottage in central Berlin and I live there—with no separation of functions and music playing everywhere. I usually work alone; live together with Carmen.
  • Going around Berlin on my bicycle, running errands.
  • Cooking our meals and do the shopping at local markets and small shops. Reduced supermarket purchases to zero.
  • new! photo books: Jackie Higgins, the world atlas of street photography; Elliott Erwitt’s Kolor; Diane Arbus, Untitled; Stephen Shore, The Nature of Photographs; Charles Harbutt, departures and arrivals.

Now pages are Derek’s idea. I got to know about them via Eric. I’m Peter Sikking. Last updated late‑september ’18.